Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, South West of Hawaii,  East of Australia, and North of New Zealand. There are over 300 islands in the group approximately 15° South of the Equator, and on the International Dateline.

Fiji is a republic, and became independent in 1970 from the United Kingdom. The population is approximately 900,000. The official language is English. The two main ethnic groups are the native Fijians and Indians. The native Fijians are Melanesians, and inhabited Fiji over 3,500 years ago. Indians were brought to Fiji under an indentured labor system while India and Fiji were under British rule.

Tourism is the main industry, followed by sugar production.

The people of Fiji are known to be some of the friendliest in the world. Despite the lovely people and beautiful islands, a majority of people live at or below the poverty level.