Our Humble Beginnings...

The concept of the clinic was envisioned by some of late Mr. and Mrs. Patan’s children and grandchildren. The building foundation for clinic was laid several years ago on land donated by Mr. Rajendra Patan, but the clinic was never completed.

In the first quarter of 2000, Damyenti Chandra, daughter of late Mr. and Mrs. Patan retired from Kaiser Hospitals in Sacramento, CA, and went to Fiji to spearhead the completion of The Patan Memorial Clinic. Damyenti’s drive to start this project came from seeing the desperate need for basic medical care for the underserved.

The clinic opened in November of 2000, even though there was political upheaval in Fiji at the time. Funding to complete the building came from children, grandchildren and family members of late Mr. and Mrs. Patan.

The clinic serves people from all over Fiji, even though it is located in Nadi, on the North West coast of the island of Viti Levu, and approximately 15 minutes from the Nadi International Airport.

The clinic is registered in Fiji as a charitable trust, and its operation is approved by the Fiji Ministry of Health.

Funding to run the clinic comes from Fiji Aid International, funds raised in Australia and also from several local businesses in Fiji.