Other Programs

Donations for Fiji and beyond:

  • Medical supplies and equipment are sent every year for use at the clinic and donated to public hospitals and clinics. Supplies include dressings, medicine, wheel chairs walkers, crutches, canes, blood pressure machines, stethoscopes, orthopedic shoes, oxygen masks etc.

  • Clothing taken by volunteers is also given to those in need. In 2003 warm coats were given to children at Ratu Nalewavada public school in Nausori highlands (A remote boarding school; in the mountains of Fiji). FAI also donated money to the school to improve sanitation.

  • In 2005 Maya Tooker while visiting Fiji donated books to kindergarten children and toys to children in the pediatric ward at Lautoka Hospital.

  • Funds were donated to the American Red Cross to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, and were also donated to the Fiji Red Cross in 2009 for the victims of massive flooding early in the year.

  • Funds were donated to Doctors Without Borders in order to help with the Haiti earthquake.

  • Funds were also donated to an orphanage in India to help improve the children’s nutrition.