Past Volunteers

FAI recruited medical volunteers to go to Fiji and provide free medical care to the poor. Volunteers provide services at the clinic, poor settlements and local hospitals. To date we have had:
  • Dr. Gopal Nemana, a Cardiologist from Sacramento, California and Mrs. Vijaya Nemana who spent about four weeks of their time in Fiji. Besides seeing patients at the clinic he also volunteered at Lautoka Hospital, providing consultative services for patients and medical staff. He also implanted Fiji’s first pacemaker in a poor farmer.
  • In 2005, Dr. Anand Maharaj, a Gynecologist from Melbourne, Australia and Catherine Lefebvre RN, volunteered two weeks for women’s health which included pap smears and breast exams for over 150 women. His visit was coordinated by Damyenti and funded by money raised in Australia by Sadhana Smiles.
  • In 2006, Drs. Darilyn and Troy Falck, emergency room physicians from Sacramento, California donated two weeks of their time and treated approximately 500 people. They provided services at the clinic and also treated patients in remote settlements.
  • In 2006, Marcia Dravis RN, from Sacramento, Regina Burgi RN, from Modesto and Damyenti Chandra RN volunteered two weeks for screening and education of more than 200 people at the clinic and poor settlements.
  • In 2007 (July) volunteers in Sacramento CA packed six boxes of medical supplies and shipped to Fiji.
  • In 2007 (August) Dr. Animesh Sinha, of Sacramento, CA volunteered for a month in Fiji. Other members who joined him were Damyenti Chandra (RN) of Rocklin, CA, Sadhana Smiles and Cath Lefebvre (RN) of Melbourne, Australia. They worked out of the Patan Memorial Clinic in Nadi, and also travelled to poor settlements and outer islands to provide free medical care.
  • In 2007 (October) Dr. Milt Freidenburg, a Foot Surgeon, and Dr. Earl King, a Hand Surgeon, both from Sacramento, CA, travelled to Fiji for two weeks to work out of Lautoka Hospital. They were joined by Laleen Datt, an Occupational Therapist from Hayward, CA. Damyenti as usual, coordinated all volunteer missions.
  • Local Doctors, Dr. Mirdula Prasad and Dr. Ram Raju have volunteered at the clinic in the past.
  • In 2008, Dr. Animesh Sinha, Dr. Howard Homler, Dr. Nancy Sabat, Christine Schutz (RN), Laleen Datt (O.T), Damyenti Chandra (R.N) from USA, and Cath Lafebre R.N and Sadhana Smiles of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Stephen Taylor, Maxillofacial Surgeon of Malibu CA, USA.
  • In 2009, Dr. Animesh Sinha, Dr. Robert Shapiro, Dr. David Goodall, Rita Shapiro (RN), Marcia Dravis (RN), Artika Singh (MA), and Damyenti Chandra, RN.
  • In 2010, Dr Sonya Hansen Internal Medicine Specialist (Hawaii), Dr Moshe Eliezerizs Gastroenterologist (Florida), Dr Garth Reber Primary Care (Wyoming), Dr David Goodall Primary Care (Sydney, Australia), Dr Michael Vannoort-Lemay Primary Care (Vanuatu), Sashi Sharma RN (Brisbane, Australia), and Damyenti Chandra RN (California)
  • In 2013 Catherine Kumar (RN), Damyenti Chandra (RN), and Noel Singh from USA, and Dr. Jai Raj, Sharini Raj, Dr Jane Carroll, Dr. Alistair Carroll, and Dr. Gary Schiller from Australia.
  • In 2014: Catherine Kumar RN-Sacramento CA - FAI member, Shana Goss RN NP - SF Bay Area, Noel Singh- San Francisco CA - FAI member, Damyenti Chandra RN -Rocklin CA, Dr Jai Raj-Brisbane AUST, Sharini Raj-Brisbane AUST, Dr Usha Nath Chand - Melbourne AUST, Dr Jane Carroll GP-Sydney AUST, Dr Alistair Carroll GP -Sydney AUST, Rekha Singh RN NP - Auckland NZ
  • In 2015: Dr Jai Raj and Sharini Raj - Brisbane, AU,  Dr Usha Chand - Melbourne, AU, Dr Jane Carroll - Sydney, AU, Catherine Kumar - RN - Sacramento, CA, Dr Yogesh Nandan - Internal Medicine - Sacramento, CA, Dr Renuka Nandan - Anesthesiologist - Sacramento, CA, Dr Victoria Akins - Pediatrician - Sacramento, CA, Dr Paul Akins - Neuro Intensivist - Sacramento, CA, Dr Steve Knox - Neurologist - Sacramento, CA, Dr Ana Macias - Gynecologist - Sacramento, CA, Marcia Dravis - RN, NP, Asst. MGA - Sacramento, CA, Damyenti Chandra, Noel Singh.