Preventive Health Clinics

Our ongoing preventive health programs:

  • Fiji Aid International (FAI) donates funds towards the running of The Patan Memorial Clinic which provides on going free preventive health care. The clinic has been in operation since June, 2000, and has helped thousands of people from all over Fiji.
  • The clinic is staffed primarily by a Registered Staff Nurse. Local Doctors specializing in family practice, volunteer their time as well. Services at the clinic are some of the first of its kind in Fiji. Wheel chairs and walkers are also available for anyone in need.
  • The clinic is used by medical volunteers to provide free service.

  • FAI donates funds for an ongoing outreach preventive healthcare program at Vatuyaka Sangam School, in a remote area of Ba, Fiji. The program is managed by the school board and a trained healthcare worker, in conjunction with the Public Health Department of Fiji. The program was started in 2004, and serves the remote villages surrounding the school.

    FACT: The women in this area had their first pap smears EVER in 2006! The outreach program has been very successful, and FAI plans to implement this program in schools that serve other remote areas.